Introdac marketing agency

Introdac Solutions offers a new marketing service, which will give you a clear advantage over those clients who would otherwise be left to competitors

Supreme feedback

Viber lets you send the message with a picture which boosts your brand’s recognition. Sent pictures are automatically saved to recipient’s phone gallery.

Coupon code sending

Our service allows you to send sale coupons and individual offer coupons.

Paying for delivered messages

Messages are sent to people who are active users on Viber. You are paying only for purveyance.

Advantageous price

In every country, our service is up to 5 times cheaper than SMS marketing.

Why our service?

1 message is up to 900 symbols plus 1 picture

Big enough limit to send your advertisement in two languages.

Report of all the sent messages

We offer a service to track how many people visited your webpage through our advertising.

At least 20% of population are active Viber users.

Viber automatically deletes accounts which have been inactive over 90 days.

Way more effective and more profitable than SMS marketing.


Choose a suitable country and package



One time package for a company who wishes to experiment.



Familiarisation package for an informed company.



Package for a competent client who wishes to go further.



/1000 messages

Perfect businesspackage for a big company.

If you want to advertise in country which is not in our list, just contact us and we will make that an opportunity.

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